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GooglePage-Logo111Publishing was named after a series of guidebooks, who’s titles are all starting with “111 Tips” and is a sequel of a book and magazine publishing company, founded in the 1980’s in Europe.

At that time the focus was only on technical manuals, guide books and magazines in the aviation and travel sector, and expanded later to a wide variety of non-fiction books, travel guides and short stories.

Our publishing company is located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.  We are committed to publish & market books and to help authors on their way to success. Follow us on our social media sites and blogs, to find valuable tips for authors:




What our Seminar clients said on Twitter:

Client @SandyJones44 Your advice all along the way has been so very valuable to help me make those important decisions, so thank you so much for that J

Client @J.H.Walker Boy, you really provide a service. If you ever need a reference, count me in. Anything I can do to promote you back. You rock.

Client @GaleMartin Thank you so much for your help with the promotion. It was very successful. As of this hour, the book has moved up to #189 PAID in Kindle and I know hundreds of copies have sold on other outlets, too.Thank you for all your help on my behalf, Doris!

Client @BrindaCarey I truly appreciate the information you have sent me and hope to have more time to follow up on all the wonderful resources you’ve sent.

Client @MGranovsky “I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth with the great publicity you’ve already given me. I cannot stress enough just how grateful I am – I don’t think too many service providers are anywhere near as diligent as you are.”

Client @LawrenceWinkler Doris “Thank you so much. You are amazing, so helpful to all of us who are starting down the road of self publishing. I just printed that blog post off this morning and will start to act on it today. You are an inspiration. Thanks again for everything.”

Client Anthony Alegrete Jump @JumpLA I am so happy with +Doris-Maria Heilmann for helping me out. If ANYONE is self-publishing a book I highly recommend using her for consulting. Her blog is AMAAAAAZING!!!!! Thank you Doris for saving me $3700 http://www.111Publishing.com/seminars

Client Anthony Alegrete @JumpLA: I got published because of 111Publishing. Doris helped me out tremendously & made it, so I didn’t get ripped off by vanity publishers.










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