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Available in Print and eBook
111 Tips on How to Market Your Book for Free
Detailed Plans and Smart Strategies for Your Book’s Success. Both, publishing novices and experienced authors will find these information valuable and helpful. And if you follow this book’s advice you WILL become a successful author. “If you can IMAGINE it, you can create it,” said Napoleon Hill. “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” Jack Canfield said: “People who do not have goals work for people who have goals.” You choose…




Available as eBook
111 Tips to Get FREE Book Reviews
Want to succeed at self-publishing? Use the same book marketing methods as traditional publishers!  Powerful strategies for getting lots of valuable, free reviews. Readers will receive almost 1,200+ direct links to reviewers and book bloggers, as well as media reviewers. A precious guidebook for every writer!





Available in Print and eBook – German Language
Traumberuf Pilot?
Erfahren Sie alles über die Wirklichkeit des angesehenen Berufes über den Wolken – und ist es wirklich eine erstrebenswerte Karriere?  Ausbildungswege – Berufsalltag – Karrierechancen – Bewerbungsadressen. Ausführliche Beschreibungen und Links für die Berufswahl.

Available at Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo and many other retailers





Available in Print and eBook Dezember 2017
To the Top: Smart Free Marketing
for Entrepreneurs & Self-Employed
Easy and Inexpensive Strategies – all without spending money for advertisements.
It explains in detail how to take your small business marketing to a whole new level, using content marketing strategies and networking secrets. All you need to know about Marketing for the Self-Employed and your Start-up Business.



111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer (e-book)
Book trailers are quickly gaining popularity among publishers and successful authors to help promote books and encourage people to read them. Bestsellers have them – why not you? Introduce your book and get potential readers excited!
Learn how to plan, download free software, create and most important: market your video step by step explained in this new e-book. You might have seen many movie trailers, but did you know that book trailers have the same success rate and have the potential to go viral? Video content in web pages/emails increases click-through rates (and subsequently readers and customers) by 96%. Book trailers are one of the best ways to introduce your book to millions of readers worldwide. You don’t need a Kindle to read it, just download the free Kindle app!
Available at Amazon for only $ 2.99


Schattenfrau (e-book)
Kurzgeschichten von Claudia Westphal. Spannend, amuesant, nachdenklich… fuer den kleinen Lesehunger zwischendurch oder als Geschenk fuer liebe Freunde (e-books koennen direkt auf die email des Empfaengers gesandt werden). Claudia Westphal verfuehrt uns mit den kleinen, heiteren Lese-Haeppchen zum Schmunzeln und zumTraeumen, zum Laecheln und Mitfuehlen oder Nachdenken. Sie versteht es mit dem Leser zu spielen, ihn unbewusst auf eine falsche Faehrte zu locken – um ihn letztendlich mit unerwarteten Wendungen zu ueberraschen.
Heiter, spannend, oft mit ueberraschenden Wendungen, in jedem Fall ein abwechslungsreiches Lesevergnuegen, eine echte Entdeckung! Sie brauchen keinen Kindle um dieses e-book zu lesen, download free Kindle app!
Bei Amazon fuer nur $ 2.99 / Euro 2.60



Traumberuf Pilot



Wo bleibt denn der Pilot? (e-book)
Hinter den Kulissen eines Executive Flugdienstes: Nehmen Sie Platz im Cockpit! The Pilot tells you all…Beruflich Fliegen ist alles zugleich: langeweilige Routine und faszinierendes Erlebnis, Technik und Naturgewalten, Menschen und Maschinen. Nehmen Sie Platz im Cockpit und lassen Sie sich mit diesen Kurzgeschichten in den fliegerischen Alltag einer Berufspilotin entfuehren. Doris Daily wird Ihnen einige amusante Erlebnisse aus der Luftfahrt im total lockerem Plauderton erzaehlen.
Bei Amazon fuer nur $ 2.99 / Euro 2.60



Book Marketing on a Shoestring (e-book)
How Authors Can Promote their Books Without Spending a lot of Money.
No Money? No Problem!  Success as an author, especially when creating your platform in social media and establishing your brand, using the tools described here, is almost free. It’s all about where to find readers, book bloggers, and reviewers and how to connect with them.  A book marketing checklist in the last chapter will provide you with a useful timeline.
You Never Get a Second Chance for a Good First Impression!  The goal of this book is to show you the professional, yet inexpensive way of publishing a book and how to build your readership, no matter if you self-publish or sell your manuscript to a traditional publisher.
Available at Amazon for only $ 2.99

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