International Book Titles

We accept non-fiction manuscript submissions and publish in two languages: English and German, however plan to extent successful titles into Spanish. English is the business language of the world, it is the aviation language, it is the Web language, and the market for English-language books is quite large. Yet, many people would prefer to read your book in their first language. There are billions of people in 196 countries. They have so far acquired computers, cell phones, and mp3 players. Tablets and certainly e-Readers will come next. By having your book translated into other languages, more people will purchase your books. In book publishing, success breeds success. The potential to make money worldwide is now an unprecedented opportunity, since (online) publishing has no borders anymore and has really gone global.


The hot topics are: business, travel, personal development, personal finance, psychology / self-help, marketing, and also anything with the word "success" in the title. Buyers abroad do want books with unique angles to these topics. We seek books that have excellent track records and are easily translated. Is your books' content universal, or is it appropriate only for North America? Page count is also important. A 300-page book in American English would swell to more than 400 pages in German. The same book could also shrink to about 200 pages in most Asian languages.


We will choose English titles which are selling well consistently and translate them to other languages, starting with German (more than 100 Million potential readers) and later to Spanish, one of the most used languages in the world today with ascending markets. We believe that 30% – 50% of your books' profit could come from non-English books.

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