Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Authors



Thanks for your interest in becoming an author with 111Publishing.

We are publishing non-fiction book titles in English and German language – across a wide range of topics – initially as e-books and if they are successful, subsequently as hard- or soft-cover. We do accept queries for non-fiction manuscripts submitted by email only. With the excemption of short stories, we do not publish fiction genres.

Queries must include:

  • 1) A covering letter that addresses the following:
  • The reason you are writing the book
  • The market for your proposed book and how your proposed book fits into the market
  • What your intended audience is. What sections of society would be interested in what you have written?
  • List similar books that are already in print and explain how your proposal differs from existing books in the market
  • How comparable books have sold in bookstores or at e-book retailers
  • List any additional markets that your proposed book could sell in, besides bookstores and online e-book retailers
  • How you would promote your book, including any of your relevant media or corporate contacts or other contacts that would help to publicize and market your book


  • 2) A synopsis of your proposed book


  • 3) A tentative table of contents


  • 4) Your current curriculum vitae


  • 5) Two or three chapters (not necessarily consecutive) or at least 20 manuscript pages


We ONLY will consider complete queries.

Please make sure that ALL of the above requirements are in your query email. Our response time: Due to the large number of submissions we receive it takes at least from three to six weeks for them to be assessed. No acknowledgement of your email query will be sent. You will then be advised in writing once your submission has been assessed.

Query letters, manuscripts and proposals are to be sent via e-mail only.


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